Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Don't be upset by the results 
you didn't see because of the workout 
you didn't do.

Can someone say, "whoaaaaaaaa.................?"

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Time to Re-boot!

Happy September, Friends!

It always happens this time of year. Summer passes the baton to cooler mornings and "school bus" air. The crispness makes me want to light a candle and pull out my sweaters and boots (although, I won't complain about 80 degrees in Washington for the last 50+ days!) No matter what the weather, the standard I-gotta-get-back-in-shape undertone rings loudly within many of us.  It's not uncommon to have allowed summer to steal our workouts and conscious eating, but it IS time to tighten it up and get back to working toward better health.  We start.....now.

My plan is to begin posting regularly so that those who want/need motivation and encouragement can find it here - myself included!!  I hope to see many faces back at B2B this week as we kick off the Fall Schedule tomorrow morning (5:15 and 9:30 class times).

If you're feeling like there's a lot of ground to make up for, or that the mountain in front of you just seems very high, join the club.  There's a lot of us feeling that way.  But we begin by taking one day at a time - one meal at a time - one workout at a time, and before we know it, we're three weeks in and new habits are developing. 

Plan your meals and plan your exercise. These things get the boot when life gets busy.  The best of luck this season!!!!  Looking forward to reaching new goals together! 
God Bless.