Thursday, September 7, 2017

Welcome back!!

Was that a great summer or what?!?! I hope this finds you refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to RE-BOOT in the training department!  Periodic breaks are healthy and serve us in many positive ways. We look forward the time away aaaaand then we look forward to coming back! Win/Win!

Okay, so....a few changes as we buckle up and begin our SEASON!

1. Per some requests and, AS A TRIAL, we are going to move our later Wednesday start time to 9:15 a.m. (vs. 10:00). Monday will remain the same (10:00) to accommodate for PSD late-start Mondays. A triple-check of the local school bell schedules and preschool start times in the area confirmed this is possible! 

< The 5:15 will stay the same! >

2. Saturdays are back on the schedule until the winter months. NOTE: We will be tossing in a periodic STEP class on Saturdays....Steps are limited so it's best to secure your own. Otherwise, first-come-first-serve. A reminder will be posted in advance if Step is on the schedule for a Saturday.

3. Thanks to a generous B2Ber, we have replenished some equipment this fall AND have new music equipment (if you missed it, our speaker croaked two days before we ended for summer.) So a HUGE thank you to her for donating to B2B and all of our peeps! Can you imagine class without tunes? EEK.

4. SCHEDULE CHANGE: No classes on Monday Sept 18th. And NO 5:15 on Wednesday Sept 20th. 9:15 will run as usual. A make-up class will be held on Friday, Sept 22nd at 5:15 a.m.

5. As we approach the 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of B2B (I know, right?) we must acknowledge the unending support and love we have received from our incredible childcare team downstairs. As I reflect back on the past decade, my heart smiles when I think my baby(who is now a 4th grader) was six months old at the start of B2B! She spent every Monday and Wednesday morning with B2B childcare, now considers herself a "worker" and is always excited to visit when the school schedule allows. This sentiment is solely because of the dedication by Bethany childcare, headed up by Childcare Coordinator Ms. Joanie!! 

Moms, these years fly by. Enjoy the blessing of being able to have your children richly cared for while you spend an hour to exercise your physical and spiritual selves. I can think of no other fonder experience for my family than the one B2B offered to our kids. At some point this year, I would like to gather all children who have been a part of B2B Childcare for a group photograph! I hope you can make a point to be a part of that special occasion. 

6. And while we are highlighting the people who make B2B what it is, I would like to thank Will Whisenhunt, Bethany's Facility Manager, for all he does to accommodate B2B. Will is always one step ahead and goes out of his way in ensuring space is available for us and keeping us current in the calendar loop. When we offer special classes or need help in any way, Will is always there to make things happen! We appreciate you and all you do, not just for B2B, but for Bethany and everyone who benefits from your dedicated work!  On that note - if you haven't been in lately, WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE LOBBY, FRIENDS! Let's just say - - - wowza. Beautiful.

5. Lastly, the schedule for September is attached.  Have a peek if you want to plan ahead. Or....not :)

Teachers, administrators, staff, home-schoolers, and families - Happy Back-to-School! This is an exciting time of year for everyone. We will be praying for a smooth transition into a new schedule! 

I hope you have had a wonderful summer and are able to squeeze in a bit more fun! Be safe on Labor Day and I look forward to seeing new and familiar faces on September 6th (5:15 and 9:15)!


Monday, January 2, 2017


I truly hope your Christmas was amazingly blessed and your time with family and friends created lasting memories. We had a terrific Christmas and are excited for 2017!

Has the food been to die for? Mine was. 
Was the sugar addicting? I embarrassed myself more than once.
Did you break a sweat much? Me either.

Ahem.  Soooo...I have purposefully taken significant time off from exercise.
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28 
Sometimes we need to listen to this. The 'ol bod and mind just need a break! Creaky joints, busy schedules, pulled muscles, stress of daily life, odd aches and pains, and mostly, time to be still with God; it's amazing what will reset when you rest.  I did enjoy walks with the Lord and my hubs regularly, but with that said....

Those breaks are usually best when brief, and it feels good to refocus and get back into an intentional pattern. I'm heading to Costco today as my Fitbit croaked over the break ~ can't say it hurt my feelings too much. Side note: I found it a bit refreshing to be "off" my tracker for a while. While you know I strongly encourage the use of devices, if you're at all like me, it can sometimes sneak over the line into obsessive/strict/guilt-ridden behaviors. Like anything, breaks are healthy and offer the ability to tap back into how we FEEL vs. what is REPORTED. Okay, off my psych box. I will now slap that bad boy tracker-buddy on my wrist with a happy heart and ready mind.

We begin classes again on Wednesday the 4th at 5:15 and 10:00. Helpful hint - DO NOT CONTINUE TO SIT UNTIL THEN. Get up and move for the next four days. Even intense workouts. What are you saving it for?? Let's not all collapse after Wednesdays class, eh? So, wake up your heart and legs and go workout. It will be less traumatic next week. 

The schedule for January is attached. Remember that Saturdays are on hiatus for a couple of months. However, don't be surprised if a periodic Step class appears. The two we did before the break reminded me of how fun (hard) they are. 

**Just a reminder about weather since there's currently simply gorgeous snow on the ground. If PSD is closed or delayed, we will not hold classes. If it has not been called by the 5:15 class, please check your email before you come in.**

Lastly, if you participated in the gift presented to me before Christmas, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Rico and I will very much enjoy a night away and a nice dinner {after basketball}! The thoughtfulness touched both of us so much and the generosity was humbling. You spoiled us and we can't wait to go!!!

I wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Looking forward to being blessed again by the relationships and work of God's hands that surround this fit little ministry-family of ours.

Many Blessings!