Thursday, October 24, 2013

I-522. You have the right to KNOW.

Hot topic, right?
It's very simple.  If food has been Genetically Modified/Engineered (the food has been changed from it's original NATURAL design in some laboratory) you and I have the right to now this information so we can decide if we want to buy that product.
You will hear opposition to this, no doubt.  But it always comes back to eating food that is not God designed it and nature produces it.  We are a packaged/processed country and that is a fact of reality not likely to change anytime soon. But if I want to better my health and be able to make informed decisions, I need to trust that the products I eat are accurately labeled and giving me all the information available about that product.
Do your own research and ultimately choose your side. But please take the time to investigate and feel 100% convicted in your choice.

*Funny side bar.....
5/22 (522) just happens to be my wedding anniversary. For those of you who know me, I find this God's awesome sense of humor :) He speaks to me in a variety of creative ways!