Sunday, October 2, 2016

It's October!!

Hello, Friends!

Happy Fall!

Boy oh boy, did it turn on a dime or what? Love.Fall. I love football on t.v., falling leaves, and the excitement of the holidays in the forecast. And let's face it, comfort food ranks in the top five. That being the case, it's even more important that I/we be sure to stay dedicated to our exercise regime and work hard when we're at it. The schedule for October is to the right so you can recommit this month and get focused.

  • Thank you for your amazing help in the new check-in system. Although it's still old-school (pen and paper :) it makes for great record keeping and helps keep me organized.
  • Also, thank you for maintaining the equipment room. What a pleasure it is to have everything it its home. I LOVE ORDER, but you probably figured that out long ago!
  • No class on Saturday, October 15th. Enjoy the day, but workout anyway!
  • Okay, so I am apologizing for the lack of music variety in classes. ITunes most recent update deleted MY MUSIC LIBRARY AND PLAYLISTS (apparently this was a glitch for many folks.) After a lengthy phone call to Apple, I have to reinstall iTunes on my computer from it's original file. Problem is, we got a new computer and the old one (where the original file resides) is inaccessible right now. UGH. Any techies who would know how to retrieve the music that I've purchased from iTunes? This, I think, can be done without the original file. I'll fix you lunch if you come over and help me! :) Until then, I am sorry we're hearing the same stuff over and over.
  • I am really enjoying the option of the new service at Bethany on Saturday nights at 6 pm.! If you are like our family, youth sports (more on that another day) often rob us of our Sundays so I am soooo grateful for this option!! I invite you to stop by and listen to the amazing worship team. Nothing like a warm beverage, my favorite jeans, a cozy sweater, and an amazing message from Pastor George to set my week up straight!
Couple of things I've been meaning to share:

1. It's important to remember, Friends, that (in general) B2B classes are not enough exercise in one week for the average person. We should be shooting for exercise four to five days per week. PLEASE feel free to copy a class and do it again later in the week ~ especially if it is weight training! Ideally, we should be targeting each muscle group (back, biceps, shoulders, triceps, and legs) twice a week. The class is always written down and planned, and although it may vary a tad, please don't hesitate to take a picture of it and use it again! As you know, most of our exercises can be easily replicated in your own garage/living room/backyard, so take advantage of it and steal the workouts! They are not top-secret! Just remember to give each muscle group a break for at least 48 hours before working it again to allow the tissue to repair itself. Go get 'em!

2. If you are at a plateau or struggling to lost unwanted pounds or inches, I strongly encourage the use of a fitness tracker and/or food app to help you along. These devices hold valuable information that you would not otherwise be aware of. We truly overestimate our activity level and underestimate our caloric intake and {good} food choices. It could be that all your body needs in an additional 200 calorie-deficit and most of the time, this is hard to judge. There are many quality tools out there that are easily accessed from your phone, so excuses not to "be in the know." Just ask my husband who has been tracking food for about three weeks - I'm not his favorite person right now (hehehe) but he'll testify that it makes a difference immediately. View these tools as temporary because they are time consuming. Once you establish new ground rules, you can break away. But the better habits stick around and your teach yourself positive patterns. Remember.... if you want something you've never had, you may have to do something you've never done.

Thank you for being so awesome and making M/W/S mornings special. Although I am human and don't love a 4 am wake up, starting the stay with you folks negates my crabby attitude and energizes me. And then to get to come back and fellowship with another round of happy people at 10:00 makes the day complete. I hope you have a wonderful month and I look forward to many awesome workouts with you!

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