Friday, September 2, 2016

Well, HELLO Friends!

What a summa! I sure hope everyone enjoyed the weather, family, friends, and exercise as much as I did (...well.....three out of four isn't bad, right?) It's that time again - ready to fire up the schedule and a little routine? Clean up your kitchen? Stop sugar/eating out/midnight snacking/whatever your pitfall? Get a bit more focused on training? Good. Me too. There are some important things to cover as we prepare for the return of classes, so thank you for your patience in this email.

First, some standards:
  • The Schedule for September is attached in this email. If you prefer to know what's on deck, have a peek. If the element of surprise is your flavor, don't open it.
  • Classes resume on September 7th (welcome back to school, everyone!) Class times are Monday/Wednesday: 5:15 am and 10:00 am. Saturday 7:30 am.
  • Saturday classes are back on the schedule until November 5th, in which we will break for the winter months and resume in the Springtime.
  • Please prepare for weather changes and bring sweatshirts - I'd love to be outside as long as possible.

1. TIME TO TIDY UP THIS EMAIL GROUP. Over the course of 8 1/2 years, this email group has grown ~ a lot ~  and while I'm sure everyone waits with baited breath to read them at the start of every month (yeah, right) I'm also pretty sure it goes out to a good number of folks who no longer wish to receive them or no longer attend classes.

Please reply with your First and Last Name and the Email address(es) you prefer to use. You will not receive the montly email or B2B Schedule if I do not receive this. Thank you for your help in keeping the communication portion of B2B manageable.

2. We will be using a new documentation system for attendance.
When you sign in, if you are purchasing a new punchcard that day, please indicate if you are submitting a payment with a check or cash. If you are paying for a single session, please indicate so in the column provided. We are attempting to better track our receivables system. If you are not leaving any form of payment, simply sign in as usual.  Thank you for the extra step at the sign-in table:)

When utilizing Childcare, please indicate on your payment if you are also purchasing a B2B punch card with the same check. Some payments have been combined (not a problem at all)  and we just want to be sure we assign the funds appropriately.

3. Before summer break, the equipment area was organized/cleaned up. Thanks for your help in putting equipment back in its appropriate spot and leaving the racks tidy. Makes its sooo much easier to set up for classes when toys are in their right home. Also, be sure to check your training area before you leave. Water bottles, sweatshirts, etc. get left behind and eventually get donated if not retrieved.

4. REQUEST: When using weights, PLEASE do not drop them on the floor. Please set them down on the floor (as if site.comyou were placing them on fragile ground.) The flooring and folks downstairs thank us very much :)

5. Childcare will be offered as usual on Mondays and Wednesdays. Saturdays are going to be offered unless/until we do not have the required attendance in order to warrant its availability. THANK YOU to Joanie and crew who are so amazing and accommodating and who continue to not "babysit" our sweets littles, but BLESS them and teach them about God's love day after day. We are spoiled to be able to workout and also have your loving hands caring for our kids. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE.

  • SOOOO excited to announce that Bethany will be offering SATURDAY NIGHT SERVICE AT 6 PM beginning September 17th! I am personally very excited for this opportunity and I hope it helps you, too!
  • Sunday service times are 9:00, 10:15 and 11:30.
  • AWANA registration available September 1st online or in the lobby.
  • Have some extra school supplies on hand? Bins are located in the lobby for collection of backpacks, binders, dividers, Sharpies, notebooks, etc.
In closing, I am very excited to see everyone in less than a week!! Please feel free to invite friends to class and just be sure they see me before participating. I hope you are ready for the change of season (looks like the weather helped that out this week!) and to get back to class.

Remember, you will need to reply with your NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS in order to receive future emails from B2BBethany :)

Many Blessings!