Sunday, December 29, 2013

Anybody for a New Year's Challenge? 30/30.....

First, watch this video:

Okay, are you convinced that just 30 minutes of activity a day will change your health/life? I sure was. This video was suggested to me by my 7th grade sons P.E. teacher. What a find!!!! And oh how happy I am that we have this kind of knowledge in at his school.  *Huge* in terms of adults helping us to educate our youth.

So, here's the deal. From January 6th to February 4th, we are going to see if we can do this. 30 minutes a day for 30 days, or 30/30, I am calling it.  What kind of exercise, you ask?  Anything will do.Walking, jogging, swimming, etc. It's not what you do but the consistency in how you do it. I plan to walk.....I need some fresh air and daylight here in Washington state.  

It's best if you journal your activity, too. Note the date, time, length of exercise (it often leads to longer sessions once the endorphines kick in), and your RPE which is Rate of Perceive Exertion. (That is, on a scale of 1-10, how hard was the session. "1" is lying on the couch, "10" is total exhaustion.  I want you at a 7 - 8.)  Track your will work!!!! 

We live in a culture that doesn't support taking 30 minutes a day to care for your health, but I am suggesting you be selfish and demand that 1/2 hour be your medicine, prevention, and stress relief for 30 days! Now, if illness or an unforeseen circumstance comes up and you can't find 30 minutes, not to worry! You can tack on minutes to the next day or over several days to make it up.  See? You don't have to throw in the towel.....ever! This isn't about weight loss (although it will likely lead to it) but creating time when you think you don't have it and developing a habit that benefits your health in ways you never dreamed possible.

You in? Good. Enjoy the end of the year and I will check back in on January 6th!